Monday, 14 February 2011

Does the foundering of Liverpool boat show prove the UK economy is in deep water?

The cancellation of the much heralded Liverpool boat show is a devastating blow to the city.

The announcement that the show and yacht sales expo was to be held at the Albert Dock proved that Liverpool was on the crest of a wave. The good times were back.

But the cancellation will see the city lose the expected £30m of leisure and tourism cash which was due to flood in. A major blow for Liverpool which has already lost millions in government grants.

To counter the effects of the cuts, David Cameron is banking on the private sector boosting local economies. Clearly his plan isn't holding water.

The sinking of the Liverpool boat show isn't good news for the city, but it also highlights the national lack of confidence in the economy. January's London boat show at Earl's Court was reported to be a damp squib.

With the economy registering a decline in the last quarter, is Dave and the not-so-able seaman Osborne steering the country towards the rocks? Is the not-so-good ship ConDem letting in water?

One thing's for sure, if the uber-wealthy aren't biting when it comes to yacht sales, what hope for the rest of us?

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