Friday, 4 February 2011

The Big Society ... The Big Idea ... The Big Sound Bite ... The Big Con

The Big Society is a Big Con.

Unfortunately, it would appear that Liverpool TV-guru Phil Redmond fell for it.

I've got a lot of time for Mr Redmond. He's done a lot for the city. But he was well and truly hoodwinked.
He welcomed David Cameron and Eric Pickles with open arms when they decided to launch their big idea in Liverpool.

But take a look below the Big Sound Bite and what you find are massive cuts to jobs and services which this government is landing on local authorities - never more so than on North West councils.

To deal with that, Cameron and Clegg are suggesting that some of these services can be taken on by ... well you.

  • You want youth clubs? Run them yourself.
  • You want the streets cleaning? Do it yourself.
  • You want children's centres? Run them yourself.
  • You want libraries? Run them yourself.
  • You want social care services? Run them yourself.
  • You want lollipop crossings? Cross them yourself.
  • You want nice parks and gardens? Keep them yourself.
  • You want leisure centres? Run them yourself.

Meanwhile, the professionals who are doing these jobs now are dumped on the scrap heap.

It's a con which Mr Redmond has recognised and it is a con which has been exposed by Liverpool City Council leader Cllr Joe Anderson who is tasked with steering through £91m worth of cuts in the space of just one year. Read the Liverpool Echo's story on Cllr Joe Anderson's thoughts here.

As Mr Cameron's role model Margaret Thatcher once might have said: There's no such thing as the Big Society.

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