Monday, 24 January 2011

Hitting a journalism/politics crossroads

A few months back I stepped across the not so invisible line from journalism to politics.

The (now not so new) job takes me out of the newsroom, but it gives me the chance to utilise the skills I learned while in my various roles in journalism.

These obviously include identifying story opportunities, utilising social media, dealing with people, turning around a story, dealing with deadlines, managing websites, creating print products, having an understanding and knowledge of media law, campaigning, etc.
And believe it or not, but I've used shorthand more in the last five months than I have in the last five years. In many ways, part of the new role sees me back at the coalface of journalism.

What I'm doing now is everything I've learned throughout my career, more journalism than before and all that with my key interest - politics.

Which leads me onto where I'm going with this blog.

I am going to introduce a new element to the blog which will be, rather predictably, 'politics'.

You will therefore now find in the masthead of the blog the following: Journalism, Newspapers, New Media, Politics.

So without further ado ... go to the next post to find the first new political post.

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Paula Keaveney said...

I've only just come across this one - but will now make a point of stopping by (not that I agree with it all of course!)

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