Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Government cuts and the latest damaging blow to 'brand Britain'

Today will see the latest round of redundancies on the back of this government's short-sighted cost cuts.

Again it's the BBC which is being hit. This time The World Service.

Six-hundred jobs are set to be axed - that's more than a quarter of the World Service's 2,000 work force.

The hardest hit will be the radio network. Some stations will go all together, while others will be primarily internet based.

Interestingly, the cuts aren't due to the licence fee settlement, but due to the grant from the Foreign Office which has been slashed.

While we all expected some cost cutting, with the eradication of duplication of effort between departments and staff, the announcement is far worse than was predicted by the head of the World Service just at the end of last year.

So the effects of the cuts ...

As the NUJ says, these latest cuts "will severely damage the national interest of the UK".

More people unemployed and a damaging blow to brand Britain.

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