Sunday, 6 June 2010

Twitter: Breaking news, aiding news

Here's an interesting story that's developing as I type.

Liverpool Echo, Liverpool Daily Post and Crosby Herald (all part of the Trinity Mirror Merseyside group) broke this morning that a man had been shot at traffic lights in Crosby last night.

Man shot dead at traffic lights in Crosby is reporter Lorna Hughes' breaking piece.

But it wasn't the Echo, the Post or the Herald which broke the story first.  It wasn't even the BBC.

Again Twitter has pipped the traditional media to the scoop as Tweeter Adam Yaffe saw the horrific events unfold and tweeted from the scene.

And again this morning:

But the story doesn't end there as Lorna has used Twitter wisely to contact the eye witness for her in depth follow-up.

News, live, as it happens.

That's the power of Twitter - but then you already know that.

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