Friday, 2 April 2010

A question for BBC and Sky: When is sport news [and when is it not]?

I've been watching a fair bit of 24-hour news this week.  Well I've been off and the weather has been 24-hour news type weather.

Anyway, flicking between Sky News and the BBC News Channel, one question struck me.  Why does Sky News dedicate such a large portion of its time to sport when it has a 24-hour Sky Sports News Channel?

With no sports stories of real note, in other words no sports stories which are news worthy, Sky News still dedicates approximately (nothing scientific here) 10 minutes every hour to sports news.  Would it not be better if at the same time Sky News simply signposted to Sky Sports News where there is twice hourly sports bulletins?

I'll be honest, I don't really care what the score was in the Unibond Premier League, or the latest from the netball.  So during the sports bulletin on Sky News, I find myself flicking over to BBC News (which is my 24-hour news channel of choice), only to find they are showing their sport bulletin at the same time.

And while we're on the subject ...

My BBC local news 6.30pm bulletin (North West Tonight) has no more than 25 minutes to cram in all the latest from what's going on in a very large region.  Not much time.

Even less when at 6.45pm it moves from news to dedicate the bulk of the rest of the show to sport (apart from the obligatory final daft story or inane chatter from the presenters).

Yes, people want sports news on their evening bulletin - I accept that.  But aren't they the same people who will know the score from last night's game?  Or even worse, for the Monday bulletin, they will know the score from games which happened on Saturday afternoon - a clear 50 hours earlier.

Hardly breaking news ... hardly news.

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