Monday, 12 April 2010

Apple iPad Review: The newspaper's saviour or just a babe magnet?

Today I had the pleasure of filming a review of Apple's iPad by none other than Mr Mac himself Don McAllister.

Don got his hands on the much heralded device while on holiday in America, way ahead of the UK release.  And yes, he even gave the staff of the Liverpool Daily Post and Liverpool Echo the chance to have a play - and that includes me!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Tearing down the paywall: First UK news site pay-for-access experiment comes to an end

I've never been a fan of paywalls for news websites.  It's nothing more than desperate businesses attempting to impose a broken business model onto a new digital business.

Despite that, it was good to see a media company put its money where its mouth is when Johnston Press decided to tip its toes into paywall water with an experiment on a selection of its sites.

But Press Gazette has revealed that the experiment was being wound up early because of poor take up by readers.  Conclusive proof that paywalls don't work for regional/local news?

Friday, 2 April 2010

A question for BBC and Sky: When is sport news [and when is it not]?

I've been watching a fair bit of 24-hour news this week.  Well I've been off and the weather has been 24-hour news type weather.

Anyway, flicking between Sky News and the BBC News Channel, one question struck me.  Why does Sky News dedicate such a large portion of its time to sport when it has a 24-hour Sky Sports News Channel?