Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Labour Party and Conservatives electioneering online: The digi'sphere is the new electoral battleground

So we know that blogs, Twitter, Facebook and the full array of social media has massively altered how politics works.

Barack Obama's campaign is the template which Britain's political parties want to emulate.  And they are making all the noises which make you think that this year's General Election will be as much won and lost in the blogosphere than on the doorstep.

The Observer runs an excellent piece today on 'How the 2010 election will be won by blogs and tweets'.

Writer Toby Helm tells us how Team Cameron is mobilising support through the various social media platforms.

The fact that the right of British politics is currently winning the digital war is one which the left is quickly making moves to contend with as Tim Montgomerie writes on the Conservative Home site under the headline 'The British Left is developing better and better online products'. The Left Foot Forward site details some of those 'online products' when it asks the question: '2010: The year of the left blogosphere'.

But whoa there Mr Blogs.

It's all well and good having the tools to get your message out there, but it's the message which is the most important thing.

As Matthew McGregor of Blue State Digital tells Toby Helm: "New media ... isn't a replacement for traditional campaigning, it allows you to do more traditional campaigning. Done right, the new tools that online campaigning give means that more and more people can become closely involved in campaigns."

It's not that you tweet but what you tweet that is important.

It's what is being said, not how it's being said - the digi'sphere hasn't changed that.

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