Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The revolution starts here - Grassroots politics on Facebook

Politics is changing. [Stick with me here.]

As we all know (and as I've already mentioned), the political elite are flocking to the likes of Twitter as an instant and effective way of getting their message across - potentially to an audience who have never before been engaged.

But, and more importantly, social media is now where the political grassroots are mobilising.

I've heard it mentioned that there are now no longer any 'causes' left in British politics. But only those detached from their grassroots would say that.

A case in point is a Facebook campaign which has been set up by a Liverpool mum who is fighting to safeguard the future of Labour's Sure Start schemes.

According to mum Louise Ashton-Armstrong:
"If the Tories win the next General Election they want to close Sure Start Centres. I am disgusted at this and want to spread the message to as many people as possible to prevent such a thing ever happening. Sure Start Centres are at the heart of every community, they have a range of services for all ages and are essential for all children's development."

In the space of just one week Louise's Facebook group has gained a following of more than 900 ... and growing.

That's grassroots politics for you. A great political cause which is mobilising people in an apolitical age.

This campaign has made politics real and because of that it's gaining the support of real people. No gimmicks, no game playing. Real politics for real people. This is how to engage the electorate. Political parties take note. The revolution has started.

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