Monday, 19 October 2009

Journalism Flash Forward: Could the Guardian's 'beat blogging' posts be the future of journalism

The Guardian group announced three new journalism vacancies last week.  Headline news in itself these days.

But with these new 'beat blogger' positions, the Guardian has unveiled what could very well be the future of journalism.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Comments and the death of the author: Putting the reader at the start and heart of the story

Most journalists consider themselves wordsmiths. They toil and sweat over every word. But we know from reader research that readers very rarely get beyond the third paragraph.

What's more, reader comments are becoming as important to the audience as the story.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Twitter: the political tool greater than the party political broadcast? But by God it can bite

For followers of UK politics the past three weeks has been what the world cup finals are for football fanatics.

Although the party conference season is over, politics isn't - in fact it's alive and kicking (hard) on Twitter.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Could regional 'print' companies be the saviour for regional ITV news?

So Ofcom has warned that regional news programming on ITV could be losing up to £64m by 2012.

That leaves a mighty hole in the budget given how much quality ITV now produces ... you know, like errr I'm a Celebrity, or errrm All Star Family Fortunes, ok,what about errrm Grimebusters, hmm.

Anyway, moving on ...

So more cost cutting looks to be on the cards after the last round of moneysavings announcements back in March. [Read all about it here, including which quality programming survived.]

So what will more cuts mean to the company's regional news coverage. More importantly, will we in Liverpool notice any more cuts from the Manchester-centric Granada news coverage?

ITV has been hit by the recession and the downturn in advertising spend, as well as increased digital competition. Everything the print media is well aware of.

So apart from axing ITV regional news altogether, what's the solution?

The government is now proposing to allow a consortia to bid for local news programmes.

Hmmm, who could go for that? Who has invested in video? What ... regional print news organisations you say. Of course.

Over in Manchester MEN's well established Channel M produces some excellent video packages, while in Liverpool Trinity Mirror's Liverpool Daily Post & Echo is leading the way with live interactive broadcasting [examples of which
you can view here]. Former print companies - now multimedia companies - across the region are producing video news packages on a daily basis. Many have invested heavily in video training and multimedia kit. But how many are making money on the back of that?

There's no doubt that more training and development is required to bring former regional print companies up to video broadcast standard, but the possibility is there for these companies to join forces to bid to supply video packages for ITV regional news services.

What better way to monetise video content. And what better way to finally improve Liverpool news coverage on Granada.

You can read Ofcom's full reports here.