Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Why newsrooms should be run like a US election campaign

My God the Americans know how to do politics.

It's got drama, excitement, intrigue, in-fighting, out-fighting, personalities, Bruce Springsteen ... oh and a dash of issues too.

If you thought it couldn't get anymore like a season of The West Wing, then there's a high profile death in the campaign to cap it off.

And apart from all that, American politics has found a way of really engaging with people.

Neil Kinnock and the 1992 "Alright" shenanigans aside, can you imagine Gordon Brown or David Cameron filling a football stadium?

Gannett digital development director Ted Mann writes in his MoJo DoJo blog on CourierPostOnline.com, how Obama has capitalised on social media to really get down and dirty with the voters.

Among the weapons in the Obama armory are: text messages (SMS), email, mobile sites, Facebook and you could even follow Barack on Twitter.

Mr Mann makes the point that newsrooms could learn a lot from how the Democrats in particular have run their campaign.

But there's nothing too mind boggling, it's just about newsrooms demolishing their ivory towers and communicating with the people they are trying to reach.

Simple really. Who needs a $400m+ budget?

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