Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Quick tips to search the web like an expert - How to use Google

Tip 12:

Simple Questions

Google shows direct answers for simple questions above the search results. When you try to find a simple fact, enter your query this way: "Italy population", and not as a complicated question like "How many people are in Italy?" because you might confuse Google.

If Google doesn't show an answer, try to imagine a page that answers your question. What would the answer sound like for a question like: "What is the fastest animal on land?". Of course, the page might contain this sentence: "[some animal] is the fastest animal on land".

Build your query this way:
* surround it by quotes, to obtain only results that contain that phrase
* instead of the answer, use a star for each word of the expected answer

Example: "* is the fastest animal on land".

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