Monday, 3 November 2008

Quick tips to search the web like an expert - How to use Google

Earlier this year I was tasked with drawing up a training day for a group of journalists and photographers to show them how the web can benefit their work and how their work can benefit from the web.

Fresh from a week at UCLan and a session on using Google with Markmedia, I drew up a session which ripped off Mark's top tips. I also did a little delving online to find out if there were any other little gems of information on how journalists can get quick wins from the web.

I drew up a presentation and compiled a worksheet of tips under the title: 'How to use Google like an expert.'

From here on in, I'll post a tip each day. And if you have any tips which you'd like to share, just leave a comment and I'll include them in the list.

Tip 1:

Explicit Phrase

Let’s say you are looking for content about internet journalism. Instead of just typing internet journalism into the Google search box, you will likely be better off searching explicitly for the phrase.

To do this, simply enclose the search phrase within double quotes.

Example: "internet journalism"

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