Monday, 6 October 2008

Things I would like to see in every newsroom, some essential tools for the multimedia journalist ... oh, and err some toys I would like to play with

#2: Interactive screen

To make multimedia succeed, newsrooms need to be redesigned to have multimedia at their very core. This will involve investment and it will require some new tools to make it all work.

One such tool would be a fully interactive multimedia wall.

This shouldn't just be a big screen TV, but a display to show internet, news channels and be right at the heart of the newsroom where it can display active story lists, page layouts, plans, etc.

I've not been to a newsroom where such a screen is being used although I have seen regular large screen TVs displaying 24 hour news channels. So I've been taking a look around the web to see if such a screen exists.

The only thing that seems to come close so far is a magic white board - the likes of which are being used in schools.

However, I did stumble across the Panasonic Life Wall - it really does do it all ... and more. It's scheduled to come out "later this year", but there's no word on price as yet. Never a good sign.

But just think of the happy newsroom when the World Cup comes around - everyone can watch England get knocked out on big screen from the comfort of their office chair.

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