Friday, 3 October 2008

Things I would like to see in every newsroom, some essential tools for the multimedia journalist ... oh, and err some toys I would like to play with

#1: Journalists/reporters

Radical as this may sound, particularly in light of the current trend of axe falling, my dream newsroom would be packed full of reporters. Not those pompous types who see reporting local news as beneath them - no, the reporters who want to serve their readers/users.

For too long, pompous journalists have been allowed to run riot, ruining strong local and regional papers by writing at their readers and not for their readers. Far too many column inches - online and in print - have been devoted to B-list celebs at the expense of local news.

A good reporter must remember that every story warrants a front page to those people featured in it. Every story should be treated as the most important story that day by the reporter writing it, regardless of whether it's a murder, the latest greatest expose, or a report from last night's W.I. meeting.


David said...

Great point, well made. As journalists, we always have to remember why we're here - to serve the communities which read us in print or view us online. Not only do we have to make sure cover what they want to know about, we have to make sure we involve them in the process - let them help shape the news agenda. Those who stand and shout at the audience won't have one left for much longer

Lalalaura said...

Completely agree, in a way it's a battle for hearts and minds.

One man band "news" websites are a greater threat to established titles than the industry is prepared to acknowledge - especially on a local level.

When we're three weeks late covering last night's W.I. meeting and Mr Hyper-local, the self-taught citizen journo cum vigilante blogger, had it on his site within the hour he's the new community champion to everyone at that meeting.