Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Blogging pays: Focusing in on cash rewards

I awoke this morning to find a letter on my door mat. It was from Ford, and inside was a cheque for £216.

... and it's all thanks to a blog.

It began when the cluster clocks on my Ford Focus failed. All of my display clocks went haywire and I was left driving without a speedo.

The repair bill was over £300. I mentioned it to a colleague who authors the very amusing Driving Passion motoring blog. He then wrote a short entry (Ford Focus Appeal) asking his readers if anyone else had experienced similar problems.

To date 55 people have responded. The problem was wider than Ford were letting on.

But amongst those responders was a researcher for BBC's Watchdog programme who had had a whiff of the case and came across Steve's blog. Following the subsequent broadcast, a previously uncooperative Ford announced they were willing to pay for any repairs, minus £99.

Meanwhile I had already paid over £300 for the repair work. So in went my repair bill and this morning back came my cheque from Ford.

Ford forced into a u-turn, thanks to a blog. Result.

I owe you drink Steve.

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