Sunday, 28 September 2008

Innovate or die: Google's timeline of success

I have a confession ... I love Google.

Yes I know, it's an Internet monster with a growing number of 'I hate Google' groups with growing numbers of people joining them. And I've read their arguments.

But I love it.

It keeps me informed, it helps me organise my day, it helps me link to the rest of the world from the comfort of my armchair. But most importantly, it makes my life easier.

A friend of mine flagged Google up as a "useful tool" back in the late '90s. I thought, what a stupid name. I've been using it ever since.

Now I use an iGoogle account to collect everything online which is important, from my office calendar to the latest news about my favourite band. It's all there and there's more available.

They seem to have thought of everything, and what they haven't thought of, their creative teams are working on.

When Google News was launched, the naysayers were proclaiming it as the biggest threat to the newspaper industry. Now every newspaper worth its salt is clambering to get all their publications listed because they know that is where the traffic is coming from.

I could go on to list everything which Google does, but I really haven't got that amount of time.

They are doing everything that a really good multimedia company should be doing. Listening, innovating and succeeding. And to think it started out in a rented garage.

Follow the evolution of Google on this timeline, from the brainchild of a couple of geeks, to the all encompassing powerhouse which it is today, and ask yourself why 'traditional' newspapers have lost so much of their power.

Innovate or die.

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