Friday, 12 September 2008

Dinosaurs in sheep's clothing

You have to wonder, just how many newsroom leaders really believe in multimedia, as opposed to just going there because the business says so.

I suspect less than is healthy.

There are more people who are begrudgingly heading down the multimedia path than really let on.  While making the right grunting noises towards multimedia, they actually drag their feet, and in fact impede the development of modern journalism.

And it's because they still don't see that news is restricted by regular newspaper deadlines.   Stories don't stop breaking because the presses have started rolling.  But the 'dinosaur journalist' would like to think that that's the case.

Multimedia gives newspaper journalists the freedom to be first with the news - for far too long the domain of the broadcast media. The new media age gives us the chance to really take full advantage of stories and deliver them up to readers in ways which have never before been open to us.

These dinosaurs haven't asked readers how they are consuming news in the multimedia age.  They haven't wanted to look at the trends.  But at the same time, they are the ones who are constantly online tracking events.

Multimedia (not just digital) is the future of the ailing newspaper industry.  It breathes new life into media titles, making them relevant to the 21st century reader/view/commenter/community.

The journalist-dinosaurs who disguise themselves in sheep's clothing are a cancer to the progression of the newspaper industry and they endanger the long-term future of the jobs of their colleagues.

Friday morning rant over ... for now.

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