Saturday, 30 August 2008

Here goes ...

I've been toying with this blog for ages now - the best part of six months actually.

I've used it to test out ideas. I've used it to play with html. I've used it to test out uploading from my phone. And I've used it to test out a number of gadgets I've managed to get my hands on.

Then I played around with the layout. I wrote, re-wrote and then simply stole the template for writing a profile. I played with the header and the sub head - again writing and re-writing.

And I've written countless of entries - only to press 'Save as Draft'.

I keep putting off writing my thoughts and opinions proper simply because I was trained as a local newspaper reporter, where personal opinion is left at the door. Well times they are a-changing ... strike that - times they are a-changed!

So here goes ...

This blog will be about new media and how it affects old media. It will be about new journalism, old journalism, digital developments, social networking, web 2.0 and beyond. I'll still use it as a place to test out ideas, and to flag up some new discoveries, and how they can be used by journalists. But who knows? Let's see where it goes.

And I may even make some of the 'draft' entries live.

But first ... to 'Save to Drafts' or 'Publish Now'. Oh well, in for a penny ...